Ambassador Program

QUALIFICATIONS – At least one Ambassador will be sought from each of Maine’s 16 counties, and particularly those without a Senior Advisor. MTCMA membership with at least 10 years as a chief administrative officer will be required, with at least 5 of those serving in Maine. Although no specific background or degree path will be required; a record of success, the highest integrity and adherence to the ICMA Code of Ethics will be essential.

APPLICATION – A member wishing to be appointed as an Ambassador must write a letter to the MTCMA Executive Board requesting an appointment. An application form is attached. If the applicant is currently employed, then written support from the Board of Selectmen, Council or Commissioners will be required.

APPOINTMENT/REMOVAL – Upon review of the application by the Committee Chairperson, the MTCMA Executive Board may appoint an Ambassador for a 3 year term. Ambassadors can be removed by the MTCMA Executive Board before their term expires providing the Ambassador is given a chance to be heard and it was felt that the Ambassador was not serving the professional interests of MTCMA. Examples will be violation of the Code of Ethics, conviction of a crime of moral turpitude or other serious offense as determined by a majority of the board. There are no term limits for Ambassadors willing to continue and reappointed by the board.

DUTIES – The Ambassador will be recognized by MTCMA and all local governments in that county will be informed. Although this is a volunteer position without pay, expenses will be paid in the same manner as those paid to Senior Advisors (mileage and meeting expenses, etc.). Since it is anticipated that most Ambassadors will be in active municipal service, requests for an Ambassador’s time will always take second place to current job requirements. Ambassadors should only become involved when requested; and internal disputes between towns and/or conflicts of interest are to be avoided. In short, an Ambassador’s wise counsel should be given as requested and not intended to usurp any other municipal authority.

ANNUAL RECOGNITION – A list of current and retired Ambassadors will be published annually and recognized at the annual meeting of MTCMA.