MTCMA Listserv

The new listserv address is: MTCMA@LIST.MTCMA.ORG

  • This new platform is all cloud based and will no longer be hosted on the MMA server. That means that this is now a paid service, with not only annual operating fees, but per message fees. This is very important to bear in mind when sending your messages to the list – every email you send will cost the association money, so please beware of sending congratulatory emails, well wishes, thanks, etc. to the full list. Instead, email a member directly for this purpose whenever possible. (Please note: there is no cost to members to use the listserv. The annual hosting and per message fees involved with this new platform will be paid for by the Maine Town, City & County Management Association; those fees will not be passed down to the membership.) 
  • To help cut down on potential overuse of the listserv, the list has been configured as follows:
    • Hitting “Reply” will reply to only the original sender of the message
    • Hitting “Reply All” will reply to the list address, as well as the original sender of the message
  • Please be sure to always include your name and email address (at least) in the signature of your email.
  • After making a request/asking a question to the list, try to collect data from individuals first and then publish it to the group.
  • This new platform features a message archiving service. Once a message has been distributed, it should be visible in the mailing lists archives at:, which is searchable by subject, topic, etc.
    • In order to access the archives, you will need to setup a password which will be linked to your email address. To create a password, visit:
    • Once you have created a password, you can log in and view or change your subscription settings at:
    • DISCLAIMER: when setting up your password, you will receive a message stating that an email will be sent to you for password activation. If you do not receive it within a timely manner, the message may be caught in your spam filter (your tech support might have to create an exception in your spam filter in order to push it through). The confirmation/activation email should come from You may need to preemptively whitelist this address in order for it to come through.
  • You DO NOT have to setup a password in order to use the listserv. You only need a password to view and search the archives. Simply email MTCMA@LIST.MTCMA.ORG to initiate a conversation with other members.
  • Please do ask your global questions to the entire group, if applicable.
  • Do include your e-mail address so that replies come directly to the person asking the question and share to those who would like to know also.
  • Do celebrate achievements and ask for help anytime.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact