Benefits of Membership

With many local governments facing deficit budgets due to dwindling tax revenues, the challenge of doing more with less has become more acute. Reductions in force, forgoing scheduled pay raises and cost of living increases for local government employees, and general retrenchment in service delivery has had an impact on how you conduct the business of local government.

MTCMA is geared to help you and your community find the means to overcome the challenges laid out before you. Most visible are the direct benefits you receive as an MTCMA member:

  • Enforcement of the MTCMA Code of Ethics, which commits members to high standards of excellence in public service management;
  • Monthly issues of MTCMA Newsletter.
  • Discounted registration fees for the MTCMA Annual Institute and its many opportunities to enhance your professional development through other MTCMA programs and committee meetings.
  • Opportunities to participate actively in association work as an elected board member, committee member, author, conference program participant, or international technical assistance advisor, increasing interaction with your peers;
  • Recognition from your peers through presentation of MTCMA Service Awards;
  • The opportunity to be recognized for excellence through MTCMA’s Annual Awards Program.
  • Personal support when in trouble or transition from MTCMA leadership, and staff, issues such as career planning, dealing with pressures to resign, coping with being fired, and negotiating an employment agreement; and
  • Advice/counsel from Senior Advisors (retired, experienced managers). Senior Advisors are available to discuss personal and professional issues in a confidential setting.

With your MTCMA membership, you also receive indirect benefits and have the opportunity to shape and participate in MTCMA’s efforts to:

  • Support professional local government management through the local government recognition process and development of materials promoting the values of council-manager government;
  • Design new training and professional development courses and seminars.
  • Through your membership dues you also give to your profession by helping MTCMA:
  • Enhance the effectiveness of representative democracy through development of resources to promote citizenship education and assist elected officials and other involved citizens.
  • Promote diversity within the profession through input to “Dialogue on the Profession” in communication with ICMA.

A membership application and dues schedule can be found under ‘Related Links’ to the right.

Please contact MTCMA at 1-800-452-8786 with any questions or concerns.


MTCMA Membership Committee