Electricity Suppliers

Posted by Dennis Keschl, Belgrade, December 12, 2017: Just a quick inquiry on whether or not any small towns like the Town of Belgrade (a small commercial customer) have looked into alternative suppliers of electricty…or are getting their electiricty supply form some other supplier than the Standard Offer.  I have been asked to look into […]

Summer Meal Partnership

(Posted by Denise Kolreg, MMA, October 29, 2015)  Please see message below and the attached agenda.  The MTCMA Executive Board is encouraging any members who are interested to attend. MealPartnerMeetingAgenda   From: Curley, Jamie [mailto:Jamie.Curley@maine.gov] Sent: Monday, October 26, 2015 9:53 AM To: Perry Ellsworth; ‘lmead@oobmaine.com’ Cc: Lombardi, Gail Subject: Statewide Summer Meals Partner Meeting […]